It was one of those special warm midwest winter days...

It's always a big win when you book and engagement session in the middle of February and the weather is BEAUTIFUL. Warm winter days in St. Louis feel like a breath of fresh air.

Emily and Josh picked Forest Park for their engagement pictures and chose the Worlds Fair Pavilion and Art Hill. And what a perfect pick it was!

These two are absolutely the sweetest and if felt like hanging out with old friends while we were taking pictures. By the end of the night while the sun was setting we took up the opportunity to take some pictures at dusk as the light was dimming and it felt like right out of a movie!

I love playing music during a couple's engagement session to give them time to really soak in the moment and find themselves lost in the presence of each other and forget that I'm taking pictures. This creates such authentic and precious moments that can be remembered for a lifetime!