Meet Dajah 👋

She is a 2021 graduating senior from Parkway Central and is looking to go to Meremec College to study nursing! She is left handed, likes to listen to music, and take naps! (Same though) She said that the best part about high school to be were the football games.

And some advice she would give to those in high school is to be yourself and be confident about what you want to do because highschool is a big chapter in your life before you become an adult and also have fun and make friends while doing it!

Dajah had requested to take pictures at Chesterfield Central Park which I honestly had no idea how beautiful it was until I visited it a couple days prior to check it out! This park has some gorgeous bridges, a lake that glistens in the golden hour and loads of greenery and stairs to take pictures on!

I had an absolute blast taking pictures with Dajah! She is a total sweet heart and absolutely gorgeous! I'm wishing her all the luck and joy in this new season of life!

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