Meet 2022 Senior, Allie!

She is super addicted to tea in fact one year for her birthday it’s all she got! She also has so many pairs of shoes they’re overflowing her closet and spilling into her room, and she has a target dinosaur and her friends lego car taped to her dashboard. 

Her favorite part of high school has been choir class and getting to help at the elementary school for class 

Her piece of advice for other high school students is: "Do whatever you want! It seems like everyone pays attention to you, but they’re not. So wear that outfit, or go to that game, or join that club."

Allie and I met up at the Jewel Box in forest park to take pictures and she was the first 2022 senior I got to work with! She was a blast to take pictures with and brought so much joy and laughter to the session!

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You were so fun and made it so easy! I was nervous that it would be awkward, but you talked and joked and made it fun! - Allie, 2022 Senior